FCM's weekly update #13

It is a big week for the U.K. has they lift their incoming quarantine requirement for visitors for 74 countries, However, it is only possible for U.K. citizens to visit 25 countries freely. Additionally, there are 59 countries where U.K. visitors can return from quarantine free. These guidelines are set to be put in place as of July 10th. Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are not partaking in these ‘travel corridors’ as they’re being called. Meanwhile in the EU, as of July 1st a select list of countries have been granted access inside most of the countries in the EU, this list includes major countries such as Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Switzerland is following the EU Council’s recommendations, however, they are only implementing these entry exceptions as of July 20th and will ban Serbian citizens.

In the US, Delta is enhancing its CareStandard program to mitigate the risk of transmitting COVID-10 during travel – to do so, they are furthering their relationship with the Mayo Clinic. They will be consulting with Mayo Clinic on COVID-19 testing for their full workforce, establishing an integrated advisory council and customer health consulting. 

In case you missed it last week, we have launched a travel news website where you can get the latest travel information, advice and resources. The newest addition to the site is chat bot, which is designed to help visitors find information about their upcoming trip during the COVID-19 situation

Regional update

Stay informed before your trip - Traveller Hub

Key features:

  • Key airline, hotel, car and rail travel alerts from around the world, which can be filtered by region
  • A new interactive map, highlighting COVID-19 cases and recovery stats as well as important immigration, quarantine, social distancing and on the ground information such as public transport
  • A new chatbot style conversation tool that through AI helps customers sift through the alerts and information to answer questions based on their travel plans